Güdel Group consolidates Germany business and closes Nördlingen site

The Güdel Group, a leading manufacturer of high-precision machine components and provider of sophisticated automation solutions, is pooling its strengths in the fields of systems and robotics in the German market. Güdel Germany GmbH is headquartered in Osterburken, a small town near Heilbronn in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The planned consolidation of knowledge and expertise will make the site stronger and more competitive in the long run. The site in Nördlingen is being closed as part of the move, and a severance package will be drawn up for its 59 employees.

“We are very sorry to announce that the closure of the Nördlingen site will lead to layoffs. We are fully committed to ensuring that all employees are offered a fair severance package. As a result of changes to the market environment, it has no longer been possible to operate the Nördlingen site profitably in recent years, and we were already forced to reduce working hours in spring. Due to these circumstances, the growth strategy communicated in 2016 and the plan to pool our strengths, we have decided to merge the German locations with the aim of strengthening the main site in Osterburken,” explains Hans Gut, CEO Güdel Group AG.

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