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Güdel is a name widely recognised across many manufacturing sectors, and invariably associated with the company’s range of Gantry Robot systems and modules. Less well known however, is the fact that every Güdel Gantry is built upon the company’s own in-house manufactured range of precision linear and drive components.

These components are also available to machine builders for use in their own machine designs, giving them the Güdel advantage of components designed and manufactured with Swiss quality, for ultimate durability and reliability. In this article, Güdel UK’s Tom Smith explains the benefits that these industry proven components bring to machine builders.

Special purpose machine builders are often faced with unique and sometimes difficult challenges in demanding applications. Minimising risk across all areas of this type of project is essential for all parties if the end user is to have a system which meets all of their productivity, quality and reliability expectations and the machine builder is to make a profit.

Specifying machine components which are not only industry proven in their own right, but trusted by the original manufacturer to build their own modules and gantry robots, provides unique levels of confidence for special purpose machine designers. With a comprehensive product range covering linear guide-ways, rack and pinions and gearboxes, the individual products within the Güdel range by design complement each other perfectly and can be easily combined to form highly efficient and reliable drive chains. A range of high-performance angle gearboxes is available in five different sizes. These can be specified in a wide choice of gear ratios – thirteen in total, ranging from 2 to 60, covering the most common areas of application, and are ideally suited to harsh working environments.

They are dirt-resistant, offer higher speeds, lower noise, lower maintenance, are easier to set up and commission and can cope with applications that require very high duty cycles. Integral cooling fins on these units also optimise heat dissipation.

A complementary range of longitudinal precision guides and drivetrain components enable a mass weighing anywhere between ten kilos and several tons - to be positioned at high speeds and accelerations with the utmost accuracy. Güdel’s modular system comprises of guide rollers, tracks (with or without in-built racks), pinions and beams.

These assemblies can be used anywhere and offer several advantages over traditional recirculating ball systems, the most important of which are resistance to harsh environments, low friction, quiet operations and high speed capabilities.

There is also a linear guide-way system for heavy-duty applications, based on standard roller supports with three integrated roller bearings, guide-ways with or without racks, drive units and tubular steel profiles with guide-ways. This system is especially suited for applications where there are high axial and radial loads, high moment ratings, high rigidity and the need for quiet operation.

Although the Güdel name is obvious on the many Gantry robot systems installed across multiple market sectors, there are many bespoke automation systems in operation which rely on Güdel technology to provide the performance and durability required in today’s competitive manufacturing environment.

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