Success Story – 5 m Rack

Our promise: Precision and quality in every shape and size! 

We do not tolerate deviations: We provide precision and quality, regardless of the dimensions. This is proven by a project that was recently competed in our production plant in Langenthal. 

One important and long-standing Güdel components customer operates in the field of foundry machines, steel casting machines and special machine construction. Our sales order: Racks with unique specifications for a special project. And we delivered – everything from the quotation to timely delivery! Not only that, the customer had requested offers from competitors in six European countries at the same time. But only we succeeded in making an offer according to the drawing and in implementing the desired designs within the deadline. The regular discussions between our sales team and our customer was certainly also advantageous, as we kept our project partners informed about the product portfolio and thus identified customer needs at an early stage. 

Our customer's sales order entailed the manufacturing, hardening and delivery of four racks of module size 10 and measuring up to 5 meters in length, all within 12 weeks. A unique feature was the predefined rack length, which did not have to be tested first during production in accordance with the standard. The crux of this test was its implementation in the hardening shop, as special dimensions are more complex and require additional coordination. Nonetheless, thanks to our expertise in the production of large parts, Güdel can also overcome such hurdles in the best possible way. 

Are you also looking for the right contact person for your project? We'll be happy to rise to the challenge. Güdel – Precision and quality in every shape and size.

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