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Robots manufacture many items that are part of our everyday life, ranging from the cars that we drive to kitchen appliances and vacuum cleaners. There are even robots manufacturing parts for robotic lawn mowers.

Many of these robot systems are traditional 6 axis types of varying sizes and configurations, and these types of robot are ideally suited to the majority of “run of the mill” tasks. When, however, the work area needs to be large, the components to be handled excessively heavy or the application requires a complete bespoke solution, this is where Güdel’s gantry robot systems come into their own.

The linear configuration of Güdel’s gantry robots, plus the fact that they are built upon a comprehensive range of robust field proven modules, means that they can be easily configured to suit even the most demanding and sometimes unusual applications. Where the application requires that the robot covers an extended work area, as is often the case in palletising applications, or to service the growing demand for Aerospace or Wind Turbine Components, gantry robots can easily span areas of 10 metres or more.

The capability to cover expansive areas and also operate at several different work-stations, is clearly demonstrated by Güdel’s multi-functional WoodFlex gantry robot. Stretching an impressive 50 metres, this system is used to manufacture wooden frameworks for the building and construction industry. The robot makes light work of a variety of tasks including, cutting, drilling, nailing and handling using a variety of interchangeable tooling modules.

Maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and precision is an important part of the Gudel philosophy. A system produced by Güdel for Laser Hybrid Welding combines the benefits of a work envelope capable of processing large components, with the highest levels of vibration free rigidity and precision, attributes that are key to the success of the welding process.

The roboMover Gantry is used to produce machine frames up to 7 x 10 x 5.6metres in size. The high rigidity of the gantry axes ensure that the laser beam is never deflected from its true position, and it’s design and configuration means that it can easily be used for other applications such as machining, gluing or polishing.

Lasers feature in another application where large work envelopes and precision are mandatory. Gantry robots, used in combination with Cleanlaser laser cleaning heads, are used for for cleaning, stripping and surface preparation.

Capable of operating across a wide range of products and applications such as cleaning mould-tools or removing coatings such as paint or rust, this concept offers an environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to conventional abrasive methods of surface cleaning.

Whilst their 6 axis cousins often steal the limelight in TV ad’s or documentaries on automotive manufacture, Güdel’s gantry robots are hard at work in the background fulfilling the applications that their counterparts are unable to deliver.

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